Le parc régional du Morvan

The Morvan is a national reserve. In 1970 it was decided to pronounce the Morvan as protected area, the second large national reserve of France. It is for this reason that the landscape has remained pure and rural. The name orginates from the Celtic Mohr'ven (black mountain) and emphasises the mystery of cultures.
The Morvan with a length of 45 miles, a width of 35 miles and a total surface of 432.500 acres is a paradise for nature and culture loving people. The area can be easily discovered from one basepoint. Fontaine la Mère is situated in the South of the Morvan, nearby Mount Beuvray where the museum of Bibracte is located. Around Mount Beuvray you'll find various excavations and reconstructions. By way of the village St. Léger-sous-Beuvray. you descend to Fontaine la Mère within a few minutes.

At the Northside you find the "Bas-Morvan", a hilly watery landscape with dense forests. This area is vertile and highly calciferous with many fruit trees and a vivid vineculture. The "Haut-Morvan" presents a totally different landscape: hills up to 1.000 yards, rough granite, extensive woods, savage rivers and many fishlakes. The Morvan is also known as the granite heart of Burgundy.
The Morvan invites you to be active and to practice healthy recreation. Tight your laces for a hiking trail on the GR13, one of the many long distance trails, which is close to Fontaine la Mère. This national reserve also offers you beautifull 
cycling-tours varying from rustique nice rides to longer and more difficult routes.

The gates of the Morvan
The morvan is surrounded by lovely cities and villages, called the gates of the Morvan.
Autun is the largest Southern gate to the Morvan and is about 10 miles from Fontaine la Mère. The city is built against the hills and offers a lovely vue over the Arroux valley. The cathedral, the museum collections and the remains of the Roman time are just a few examples of the intriging past of the city. Musée Rolin in Autun is one of the richest artmusea of Burgundy.
Other nice villages like Château-Chinon, Moulins-Engilbert and St-Honoré-les-Bains are within easy reach of Fontaine la Mère.