Fontaine la Mère offers you 5 guest rooms that each are fitted with modern bathrooms (shower, washing stands, toilet) Each room is different in size, style and decoration and is equiped for either 2,3 or 4 people. Take a look at the room descriptions to decide for yourself which room is the best corresponding to your wishes than you can easily make your choice.

Space and comfort
No matter how different the rooms are, important similarities can be found as well. All rooms and bathrooms are spacious, comfortable and authentic details have been faithfully preserved. By the way our boxspring beds have a length of almost 7 feet! Each room has clean towels, toiletpaper and sufficient bedding. 

At Fontaine la Mère you will not only feel comfortable inside the guesthouse. The guestrooms at ground level each have a separate entrance and adjoining garden, where you will definitely enjoy the view all around and the extensive landscape. At moments that the weather lets us down a little you will soon discover the possibilities of the diversion room. 

The guestrooms
the garden room at ground level is suitable for 4 people,
the timber room at ground level is suitable for 4/5 people,
the starry room on the first floor is suitable for 4 people,
the clog room and the French room on the first floor each are suitable for 2 people.




The Livingroom with kitchen