Bourgogne groen

Burgundy is an exiting region where the influences of North and South are blent with each other and exists of 4 department: Yonne (89), Nièvre (58), Côte d'Or (21) en Saône et Loire (71). Right in the hart of Burgundy and at the crossing of the 4 department lies the impressive national reserve the Morvan, a typical hiking area.  

This region is like France but smaller: the different landscapes, the ground and climat charateristics make this region rich of variety. The different subparts each have there own characteristic history. The tradition of hospitality and the "Joie de vivre" or "Joy of Life" are the binding elements: discover the real life!


Burgundy is mainly known for her gastronomy. The local, some highly famous, wines garanty the most delicious combinations with local dishes such as steak of the Charollais cow, the well known chicken of Bresse, fish from various rivers and lakes and the extended choice of hams and cheeses.
The region is divided into several wine areas. The popularity of these wines can be mainly subscribed to its originality and diversity. The optimal natural circumstances, combined with specialized knowledge, make it possible for the Saône et Loire to produce 23 milion bottles a year. 


Let us suprise you with the things you'll find in a stream of 15 miles arround Fontaine la Mère. As foretaste we have highlighted some curiosities and sights below:
- 2 golfcourses 9-holes, swimming pools, a kart track and a theme parc
- Various castles, cathedrals and an impressive Buddhist temple
- Cycling and hiking routes
- Lakes for fishing
- Cheese farms and many wine caves
- Roman and Celtic excavations and several interesting musea
- Each weekend brocantes and vide-greniers (markets)

The sites as mentioned below are very informative: